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Horlyne joins the Acrotec Group

May 2022
Horlyne joins the Acrotec Group

Renowned for its expertise in the design of top-of-the-range oscillating weights, Horlyne joins the Acrotec Group to strengthen the skills chain of its watchmaking division.

From its headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Horlyne has continued to grow and develop to become a recognized leader in the manufacture of high-end oscillating weights, mastering the entire production chain. This mastery is made possible by the integration of three precious watchmaking skills: guillochage, gem-setting and engraving.

This exceptional know-how won over the management of the Acrotec Group, who warmly welcomed Horlyne’s decision to adopt Acrotec’s business federation model. When the question of my succession arose,” explains Horlyne CEO Raymond Leitenberg, “it seemed logical and natural to contact Acrotec, whose values are very close to our own. It’s a very important guarantee of continuity, synergies and development for Horlyne.

Horlyne and Groupe Acrotec often work for the same watchmaking customers, prestigious brands that have long placed their trust in the companies of the Jura-based group and the Neuchâtel-based company. This acquisition is a marriage of reason and passion,” confides François Billig, CEO of the Acrotec Group. Horlyne brings us a skill that perfectly complements our expertise in oscillating weights. Its top-of-the-range treatment of this watchmaking component is a market benchmark. I’m really delighted that the Horlyne team has joined our watchmaking family. It has a rightful place alongside its peers.

The integration of Horlyne into the Acrotec Group was finalized and signed on May 4th.

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