High-end watchmaking



Horlyne keeps the tradition alive

Inscribing beauty on metal

For more than 40 years, Horlyne has mastered the art of guillochage on precious metal components, gold and platinum (also brass and titanium), in high-end watchmaking and jewelry.
Horlyne’s creativity opens up a wide range of applications: guilloche work on oscillating weights, watch cases, movements, dials and cylindrical objects.

Traditional guillochage

The first guilloche machine appeared circa 1750, the work consists in finely engraving networks of lines, curves and straight lines. Horlyne brings together precious know-how and renovated period equipment: guilloche lathes, copying machines, “straight line” machines.

CNC guillochage

Horlyne also masters the automated technique of guillochage known as “CNC”, for a clientele interested in the beauty of a guilloche decoration at very competitive prices.

Gold oscillating weight, hand-engraved

A unique ornament

Examples of our guilloche pieces

The possibilities are endless. You have an idea in mind, a drawing? Would you like to be inspired in our “little museum” as we like to call it and admire hundreds of patterns?

We will create and develop the unique decor that will illuminate your project.

Horlyne oscillating weight in gold, hand-guilloché in a straight line and diamond bevel
Plate Horlyne in gold guillochée
Plate Horlyne guillochée
Oscillating weight in gold, CNC guilloché, diamond bevel