Horlyne is committed!

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments

Horlyne is also committed to making sustainable development and corporate social responsibility a priority, through respect for environmental, social and ethical standards. The company pays particular attention to the responsible use of raw materials, employee health and safety, and conditions for suppliers.

Horlyne is committed to ESG and has set itself ambitious targets to meet the challenges of the future.

Our commitments

We choose to assume the following CSR/ESG commitments in our day-to-day actions as well as through our medium- and long-term objectives:

  • Reducing our impact on the environment
    We manufacture high-quality components for sustainable products by taking into account and reducing the environmental impact of all our production methods and activities. Improve the working conditions of our employees We create a positive, professional and collaborative working climate in which employees’ skills are developed and valued.
  • Contribute positively to our community
    We create value-added jobs and, wherever possible, offer apprenticeships and internships that enable the training of young people, disadvantaged people, people with disabilities or people undergoing professional reorientation.
  • Participate in local economic development
    We collaborate with our stakeholders to develop innovative know-how that creates added value and has a positive impact on our ecosystem and the community.

Certification - Swiss Triple Impact

Horlyne SA joined the national STI program at the end of August 2023, enabling companies to measure their contribution to the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted in 2015.

“Our motivation to participate in this initiative is strengthened by the support of the Acrotec Group and the collaboration with other companies within this group. The Swiss Triple Impact covers a wide range of sectors and skills, which fills us with pride as we collectively contribute to a sustainability strategy in tune with our society.”

Discover our Swiss Triple Impact commitments.

Certification - Responsible Jewellery Council

Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Horlyne SA obtained its first RJC CoP certification on July 1, 2018 and renewal on July 2, 2021.

The company has exercised its duty of care on respect for human rights. During 2022, the company has not identified any adverse impact on human rights, either at the level of its employees or at the level of its direct suppliers.

The company has also exercised its duty of care with regard to the precious metals and gemstones supply chain. In 2022, the company did not identify any risk of sourcing precious metals and stones from conflict zones or high-risk areas.

In order to continually improve and evolve, we have begun the process of obtaining RJC CoC certification. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to follow these steps.

If you have any questions on these subjects or on the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, please contact info@horlyne.ch.

Certification - Great Place to Work

As voluntary candidates for certification, Horlyne and the Acrotec Group have been rewarded for the level of commitment, satisfaction and recognition of their employees, following an extensive internal survey carried out in their companies. A questionnaire was sent out to all Group employees, focusing on 5 major themes: credibility, respect, fairness, conviviality and pride.

The 73 questions will enable all Group companies to access and analyze the results of the survey, and to implement actions to improve employee satisfaction, given that the participation rate exceeded 75% within the Acrotec Group.

Environmental responsibility

Polluting products are recovered and recycled. The use of chemicals is avoided as much as possible, or strictly limited. The washing of parts (degreasing) is soap-based. The water is filtered to remove metals; the precious metals are preserved.

Horlyne participates with its clients in energy saving programs that aim at a healthy and sustainable management of material and human resources.

Social responsibility

Horlyne is a member of the Swiss Watch Industry Employers’ Convention (CP), a structure for negotiation and dialogue between employers and employees, dealing in particular with occupational health and safety (OHS) training.

Horlyne is also part of Acrotec’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) program. The goal is to integrate ESG responsibilities into the organization’s overall framework and thus generate value for all of the organization’s stakeholders (such as employees, customers and suppliers).