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Horlyne earns Great Place To Work (GPTW) certification, confirming the validity of its ESG policy

Sep 2023
Horlyne earns Great Place To Work (GPTW) certification, confirming the validity of its ESG policy

As voluntary candidates for GPTW certification, Horlyne and the Acrotec Group have been rewarded for the level of commitment, satisfaction and recognition of their employees following an extensive internal survey carried out in their companies.

As the Acrotec Group is very committed to the development and satisfaction of its employees, it has called on the expertise of Great Place To Work (GPTW) to carry out its first anonymous satisfaction survey among all the staff of its companies, between 29 May and 16 June 2023.

In choosing GPTW, we wanted to rely on an independent organisation whose model and methodology have been tried and tested, and which has achieved genuine national and international recognition,” explains François Billig, CEO of Acrotec. This certification is a great acknowledgement of our corporate culture, which our employees really recognise and appreciate.

A questionnaire was therefore sent out to all Group employees, focusing on 5 key themes: credibility, respect, fairness, friendliness and pride. All 73 questions.

To award its certification, GPTW uses the following 4 criteria:

  • The average satisfaction rate in the country concerned must be higher than 65%: Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States are certified.
  • The satisfaction rate must be higher than 65% at company level.
  • The participation rate must be representative within the company.
  • Company size: at least 10 employees

Based on these overriding criteria and their geographical location, Horlyne and 15 other Acrotec Group companies have been awarded GPTW certification. But certification is not an end in itself. This work will enable all Group companies to access and analyse the results of the survey and to implement actions to improve employee satisfaction, given that the participation rate exceeded 75% within the Acrotec Group.

The Group’s management wanted this approach,” explains Adrien Delobel, ESG Manager at Acrotec. We wanted to show that our fine intentions are followed by action. With this certification and this approach, we are now able to give concrete expression to our human resources policy, our values and the lessons to be learnt by all the companies in the Group in order to improve. It’s also a strong message to those who are entering the job market and would like to join us.

Contact of the Acrotec Group ESG Manager :
Adrien Delobel
Tél. : +41 (0)32 545 29 57

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