Our mission; to satisfy your wishes

Technical office


A structured development process

We follow a structured development process that meets our commitment to quality and excellence. Our technical office establishes ,with our customers, a precise specification that defines the dimensional and aesthetic specifications for each new product. It develops and uses innovative tools and methods to reduce the development and manufacturing time of these products. Quality control mechanisms are in place throughout the manufacturing process to certify that the finished products meet the highest quality standards.

Conception and design

Whether it is for manufacturing or decorative finishing, our team is dedicated to satisfy the wish of the designer while respecting the requirements of quality.

Conception of new high-end watch components

Development from A-Z

From a simple drawing or a plan elaborated by the customer, the Horlyne development teams will give life to this new project. Several steps will follow, such as computer design and prototype manufacturing.

Design and prototyping watch parts before large series

Project management

Our technical team welcomes customers to discuss technical and aesthetic specifications, feasibility, timeframe and price. Then follows the development, from design to production, including the presentation of the prototype.

Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager

Industrialization and continuous excellence

Horlyne implements the latest methods and equipment, which reduces manufacturing time and improves product quality. Our advanced control systems and methodological frameworks guarantee the continuous excellence of a series throughout the life of a product. Moreover, we ensure the durability of the product with an unlimited after-sales service.

Optimum production methods for efficiency and repeatable precision