It's time to shine!

High end stone setting


Stone setting, the art of light

Materials brought into the light!

Creativity, competitiveness, high quality of execution; horlyne has added to these basic requirements a touch of craftsmanship, a sign of authenticity sought after in fine watchmaking, whether for one-off pieces or large series, oscillating weight or another component…

With it stone setters highly experienced in the requirements of this highly specialized profession, Horlyne reacts quickly to production requests and project developments.

Horlyne sets round and baguette shaped diamonds and other colored gems in steel, precious metals and various contemporary materials.

Stone setting watch case

Sincerity is glass; discretion is diamond.

Examples of our stone set pieces

“Legend has it that it was Prometheus who first set this rock in iron and wore it on his finger; this was the first ring and the first jewel.” This quote from Pliny the Elder in his book Natural History dates from the 1st century AD. Crimping is therefore a practice that goes back to the dawn of time.

Oscillating weight gold, engraved, set and polished
Oscillating weight in gold Mother-of-pearl guilloché hand-set circular satin-brushed polished bevel diamond
Gold dial set with a circular satin finish
Padlock set in diamonds