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Horlyne and Acrotec to exhibit at EPHJ

May 2023
Horlyne and Acrotec to exhibit at EPHJ

The Acrotec Group will be present at the 2023 edition of the EPHJ (Exposition Internationale de la Haute Précision) to be held from June 6 to 9 at the Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover all the skills and know-how of the Group’s companies in the fields of watchmaking and medicine.

The other Group companies that will be present and delighted to welcome you:

  • Butech specializes in quality wire drawing and micro-drawing for industrial applications.
  • Capsa is a company with a wide range of products and production potential in the watchmaking industry.
  • Décovi specializes in the precision turning of components for the watchmaking industry and for medical instruments and equipment.
  • EasyDec is a company specializing in high-precision bar turning for watchmaking micro-components.
  • Générale Ressorts produces high-quality barrel springs and energy modules for the watchmaking industry.
  • H2i offers innovative, high-performance and sophisticated measuring tools for the watchmaking industry.
  • KIF Parechoc manufactures watch components for mechanical watches.
  • mu-DEC specializes in the micro-turning of components with complex geometries.
  • Mimotec produces components using the UV-LIGA process, inspired by microelectronics technologies.
  • Petitpierre specializes in the creation of complex assembly machines and high-end tooling..
  • Pierhor-Gasser manufactures stones for watchmaking and medical applications.
  • Politrempe specializes in micro-component finishing for high-end watchmaking.
  • Precipro specializes in the machining of precious metals to produce jewelry. It also offers its services to the watchmaking market.
  • Sigatec manufactures micromechanical components in silicium.
  • STS specializes in surface treatment for all components used in the watchmaking and medical sectors.
  • WatchDEC offers micro-component turning services for the watchmaking and medical industries.

Medtech DIvision companies exhibiting on the same stand:

  • AFT Micromécanique focuses on the production of implants and medical instruments.
  • Axial Medical is the latest company to join the Acrotec Group. It specializes in the production of orthopedic medical devices.
  • Diener Precision Pumps provides customized precision pump solutions for the medical industry.
  • Diener AG Precision Machining produces high-quality mechanical components for medical devices.
  • Microweld offers micro-welding and laser micro-cutting services for implants and medical instruments.
  • STS specializes in surface treatment for all components used in the watchmaking and medical sectors.
  • Team-Metal produces complex parts required by a wide range of industries, including life sciences, analytical instruments, medicine, consumer products and office automation.
  • Takumi supplies precision components for the medical, precision engineering and aerospace industries.
  • Tectri specializes in precision machining of implants and medical devices.

By clicking on this link, you can create your badge to join us at booth P35 and discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of high precision. The companies of the group will present their products, their competences and their commitment to provide customized solutions to their customers. Come and see it all with your own eyes! Group companies will be showcasing their products, skills and commitment to delivering customized solutions to their customers. Come and see for yourself!