Excellence and sustainable commitments

Our mission and values

Firmly rooted in the Jura region since it was founded in 1978, Horlyne is committed to its customers, providing them with unique expertise that we are constantly striving to improve. Our boldness and creativity enhance the special relationship we have with our partners.

Our mission

We develop, produce, decorate and assemble high-end watch and jewelry components for customers seeking exclusivity.

This complete mastery of the production chain, combined with strong ethical values, enables us to develop our products in a sustainable and responsible way.

Our values

Our values have been at the heart of our corporate culture since the company was founded.

Respect and Honesty :These values are essential to creating a positive and harmonious environment within our company. Honesty and mutual respect are the foundations of a healthy relationship, whether professional or personal. By cultivating them, we guarantee a fair and caring working environment.

Excellence :More than a word, excellence is our motorcycle that drives us to strive for perfection, to constantly improve and to exceed our expectations. It applies to our manual and industrial work, as well as to our operational processes.

Handcrafted excellence is a blend of skill, passion and practice that manifests itself at every level of our workshops and contributes to the creation of exceptional works of art.

Excellence in industrial processes is based on control, integration and innovation at all levels of the organization. This enables us to achieve optimum overall performance to improve quality, reduce costs and meet deadlines.

Commitment: The commitment of our employees is essential to the success of our company. This entrepreneurial attitude drives all our daily tasks and, more broadly, all our actions to improve our company.